Victoria Chang
August 2011


Victoria ChangVictoria Chang’s second book of poems was published in 2008 by the University of Georgia Press, as part of the VQR Poetry Series and was a finalist for the Commonwealth California Book Award.  Her first book won the Crab Orchard Review Open Competition Prize in Poetry and was published by the Southern Illinois University Press in 2005.  It won the Association of Asian American Studies Book Award.  Her poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming in publications such as Paris Review, New Republic, Poetry, New England Review, Washington Post, Ploughshares, Kenyon Review, and Best American Poetry 2005. She also edited an anthology titled: Asian American Poetry: The Next Generation, published by The University of Illinois Press (2004).  She lives in Southern California and works as a business consultant and writer.


Statement of Poetics

I think that poetry, for me right now with my current projects, is a way to seek out Truth, whether it is a greater Truth or the simply the mundane Truth of my inner and outer lives.  In many ways poetry is a way for me to approach uncomfortable ideas, thoughts, or feelings.  It is a way for me as a writer to be honest, to open certain things that somehow remain closed elsewhere. 

I also think of poetry as a way to explore the paradoxical nature of human beings, the complexities of our emotions and of our existence. 




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