Robert Pack
April 2016

[image Robert Pack]

Robert Pack is the author, most recently, of Clayfeld Holds On (2015). Of this volume, Mark Strand has said, “Pack, as always, exhibits a technical mastery that has all but disappeared from recent poetry. His meters are relaxed, creating an unusual suppleness and ease in his story poems, which are deeply moving, filled with great tenderness, charm, and wit.” Pack is also the author of thirteen previous collections of poetry: Laughter Before Sleep (2011), Still Here, Still Now (2009), Elk in Winter (2004), Rounding It Out, University of Chicago Press (1999), Minding the Sun (1996), Fathering the Map: New and Selected Later Poems (1993), Before It Vanishes: A Packet of Poems for Professor Pagels (1989), Clayfeld Rejoices, Clayfeld Laments: A Sequence of Poems (1987), Waking to My Name: New and Selected Poems (1980), Keeping Watch (1976), Nothing But Light (1972), Home from the Cemetery (1969), Guarded by Women (1963), A Stranger’s Privilege (1959), and The Irony of Joy (1955).

Robert Pack has also published seven books of scholarly criticism: Willing to Choose: Volition and Storytelling in Shakespeare’s Major Plays (2007), Composing Voices: A Cycle of Dramatic Monologues (2005), Belief and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Robert Frost (2003), The Long View: Essays on the Discipline of Hope and Poetic Craft (1991), Affirming Limits: Essays on Motality, Choice, and Poetic Form (1985) Faces in a Single Tree: A Cycle of Monologues (1984), Wallace Steves: An Approach to his Poetry and Thought (1958).

After teaching at Middlebury College for 35 years—during which he was Director of the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference from 1973-1995—Pack retired to Montana to be near his children. Blessed with unquenchable energy, he continues to write and to teach as Distinguished Senior Professor in the Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana, Missoula.


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