Lester Lennon
March 2014


Lester LennonLester Graves Lennon is a poet and investment banker. During his 36 year career in public finance he has participated in the issuance of more than $200 billion of municipal debt. His clients include the State of California, the City of Los Angeles, and New York City. Mr. Lennon has written two books of poetry. His first, “The Upward Curve of Earth and Heavens,” was published in 2002, and is found in more than 70 public and university libraries including the Los Angeles Public Library, UC Berkeley, Harvard and Oxford. His most recent, “My Father Was a Poet,” was published in April of 2013. Mr. Lennon was the first to approach the Mayor of Los Angeles about the City’s need for a Poet Laureate and currently sits on the Los Angeles Poet Laureate Task Force. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, the Board of Directors of Red Hen Press, and the advisory boards to the West Chester University Poetry Center and the English Department of the University of Wisconsin.


Statement of Poetics

I have been called. Now, I must answer.
I have seen things, seen them with my heart;
been there, been part, been violator
and violated, been admiral
and his sailor.  I must bear witness,
leave safe harbor offered by silence,
unfurl my fear before scrawling death

                 (Excerpt from, “Things I Have Seen” in Mr. Lennon's first book, “The Upward Curve of Earth and Heavens,” Story Line Press, 2001)


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